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Atlantic Beach Family Photographer {L Family}

Atlantic Beach offers such a beautiful backdrop to your family session! The beach is quiet and provides some privacy for your session. It also makes editing your images easier as I do not have to edit out as many beach goers.

Atlantic beach offers a setting that can be relaxing. As with all my sessions, I like to offer a variety of family poses: The “Christmas Card pose” of everyone looking and smiling, the classic portraits of all the family members and then the beautiful candid poses. The candid poses are my favorite because it shows that organic and genuine family bond!

Family cuddling at Atlantic Beach
Family cuddling at Atlantic Beach

The elements at Atlantic beach for a photography session is a concern for a lot of families. It will most likely be windy at the beach. I do offer to reschedule the session if wind speeds exceed 15mph. I do not want you to eat sand when smiling!

The most important thing to remember at your photography session is to let go of expectations and just have fun! If the kids want to explore, we can incorporate a pose that involves walking or just to give them tiny break to find that pretty shell in the sand. Embracing the imperfect poses is the best way to get the most genuine images! Tickling always helps too 😉

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