Baby Frankie

Her mama was worried she missed the "newborn age" for the session to get the curled up baby poses. I'm here to tell you that there is no set rule that you HAVE to have your session with the baby is 7-12 days old. It is definitely recommend to do the session when the baby is 7-20 days old to ensure baby flexibility and sleepiness. BUT this girl proved us wrong. She was a month old and oh so sweet! "Older" babies are a little more aware of their surroundings and can be harder to transition into different poses. I will always accept babies up to 6 weeks old for a newborn session. I always start newborn sessions with wrapped poses first just to get all my safe shots and then we get to the good stuff!

This session took place in the client's home! I brought the studio to her and set up in the living room. Having the newborn session in your home is more convenient for families. Once I finally make the move to Jacksonville, Fl I will only offering newborn sessions in client's homes until I have a designated studio space.