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How to prepare for your Jacksonville Family Session

You have booked your session…now what!?

Weeks/Months before your session: We start by picking the perfect location for your session! The location for your session sets the base for your session, but your family will be the main focus of the images. Most families choose a park settings with trees, a big open field or the beach. If you tell me a little about the location you love, I can offer you some suggestions.

Next we talk about outfits! Outfits will elevate your images to the next level! I definatly recommend dressing up and make this session a special occasion.

  • Start with mom’s outfit first! This will set the tone for the rest of the outfits. I really encourage you to wear a long dress that has a little bit of movement.
    Pinterest is always a great starting point to start with to get an over all idea of the direction you want to go with outfits
  • Pick outfits to match the setting of your location.
  • Hair: I always recommend getting professional hair and makeup done for the session. If you have having a beach session, I highly suggest pinning some hair back due to the wind. It will always be windy at the beach.
  • I do not recommend dressing in matching outfits, but coordinating outfits that compliment each other. Also choose outfit colors that complement the location: Do not wear green to a park setting with green grass and trees…
  • Incorporating different textures brings a subtle extra detail to the images especially when wearing neutrals. A pattern is also a great way to break up solid colors, but do limit a pattern to one family member. BUTTONS are always a good idea!
  • Shoes: Shoes matter! My only suggestion is to not wear athletic sneakers! No shoes required at the beach 😉
  • What to avoid: Thin stripped shirts, it creates a weird defect in the images called moire. Bright and neon colors: always choose the muted color versions. For example yellow: choose mustard. Red: choose Burgundy. Pink: choose pale pink or
  • I do offer a client closet with items available to you and can send you a link to what is available. You are more than welcome to wear what represents you and I’m here if vou need a second opinion!

The Day of the photography session:

  • First steam/iron all the outfits
  • Try not to make it a big deal with the kids. They will feel your stress!
  • Make sure all nails are cut and clean
  • Try to limit or avoid sugar/dessert for the kids the day of the session.
  • Eat a light snack before leaving the house
  • Leave for you session 15 minutes earlier than usual just in case of traffic
  • Finally, don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!

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