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Booking a newborn photographer is a big deal and most families have a lot of questions about their session. I have put together a series of questions that I get asked the most! If there is a questions that I did not go over, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

  1. How old will the baby be at their session? I recommend the session be scheduled for when the baby is 7-20 days old, that is the “sweet spot” of ages. They tend to be more sleepy and moldable at that age. This does not mean that I will photograph babies that are older than 3 weeks! I have photographed a sleepy baby as “old” as 6 weeks. I do set up the parent’s expectations for how the session could potentially be, but so far the “older” babies have done amazing at their sessions! 
  2. When should I officially book the newborn session? I encourage parents to be to reach out to me when they are in their second semester. I am able to fit in last minute newborn sessions, but because of scheduling constraints, I will not be as flexible with available dates. I hate to turn away newborn sessions!

3. Where will the session be at? I offer sessions in my home studio in Jacksonville, Florida and I also offer to bring the studio to you and photograph your family and newborn in your home.

4. What happens if my baby cries? All babies cry! Some babies are soothed quicker than others and some are just content with whatever is going on that day. If a baby is still fussy after being swaddled, we will offer the baby a feeding/nursing and some rocking to get them back to sleep. 

Jacksonville newborn photographer

5. What if my baby doesn’t want to sleep? They ALL give up at some point! I am a patient woman lol I will do whatever it takes to get that baby to sleep. Over the 6 years and having 4 babies of my own, I have a few tricks at getting the baby to sleep. Now, there have been sessions where the baby would not sleep for the naked poses, but I do those table poses either with an outfit or partially wrapped.

6. What should the family wear to the session? You will never go wrong with light neutral colored clothing! I like to recommend for mom to wear a dress, but if you are not a dress person a pair of pants is fine too. Lighter colors will give you a lighter overall feel to the session. You can also incorporate a muted color. Things to avoid when picking outfits: graphic shirts and neon colors. I do offer a client closet with some options for dresses and children up to age 5. I also offer to help coordinate your family outfits, all you gotta do is ask!

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer
Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

7. Do I need to bring anything for the baby? I have EVERYTHING you need for the baby. I have wraps in all my favorite colors, coordinating hats, headbands, blankets, baskets, baby beds/props and so much more! If you do have a sentimental item you would like me to incorporate into the session just let me know.

8. What is the difference between a lifestyle newborn session and the deluxe newborn session? A lifestyle newborn session is a more relaxed session when it comes to posing the baby. I will wrap the baby or dress them in a footed romper (if they are really sleepy) for the whole session. Family poses are more natural with lots of cuddling. I also use mostly natural light for the session. I do not use any props for a lifestyle session. A deluxe newborn session is everything you get with the lifestyle session plus the cute posing with props and the traditional newborn posing on my posing table.

9. How many props do you use for the newborn session? For the deluxe newborn session I plan to use up to 4 props and then the traditional poses on the table. The newborn mini, I plan to use 2 props and a couple wrapped poses without any props.

10. Do I have a say in what props and colors you use? YESSS!!! You telling me what you like or do not like makes it sooo much easier! The session can completely customize your session from the poses to the colors I use for the solo baby poses. You can also choose to leave it all to me too.

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