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Jacksonville Fresh 48 Photographer

What is a Fresh 48 Hospital Photography Session?

Most of you know what a newborn session is, but do you know what a fresh 48 hospital session is?

  • Session held in the first 24-48 hours
  • Lifestyle Posing
  • The hospital room background
  • Capturing the first moments with baby and siblings

What is the difference between fresh 48 session and a newborn session?

A fresh 48 session captures more of the simple and relaxed first 24-48 hours of your sweet baby’s life. The purpose of a hosptial session is to photograph and preserve the memory of you being in the hospital room taking in all the details of the perfect little human that you brought into this world! Their extra wrinkly, flaky skin and curled in toes. I do not bring any props with me. I like to use what is available in the hospital room. Some parents bring a special swaddle or name plaque showing their birth stats.

The official newborn session takes place when the baby is 7-20 days young. There is a little more tought put into the family’s outfits to create clean, timless portraits. The posing is a little more directed and formal. I do prepare a cute little outfit and the little props. The session is held in my home studio or at your home.

How do you plan for a fresh 48 session?

Planning ahead is key to a successful fresh 48 session. Due to to unpredictable nature of having a baby for the most part, I am “on call” for your session. I do everything possible to be available. The window can be small for the session, but booking me ahead of time and contacting me as soon as you are able to after the delivery is key.

Another step in planning for your session is preparing is deciding if you want to wear a special robe or just some comfortable casual clothing. You can also pack a cute swaddle and hat for the baby. Some parents bring a little prop with the baby’s name and birth stats.

Who is welcome to be in the session?

I recommend keeping this session to the immediate family members: Mom, dad and siblings. This session is quick and focuses on the first moments of adding a new member to the family.

I know some really love to have grandparents included in their newborn sessions and I’m here for it! This is definitely an option, but will need to be planned ahead of time.

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