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My Favorite Newborn Photography Poses Without Props

When it comes to planning your newborn photography session choosing a photographer is a big and important decision! Safety is my top priority and it should be for you as well. I do have a current CPR certificate, but you also want to make sure that the photographer you choose has the proper training to safely pose your precious baby. Some poses look effortless, but some newborn photography poses are more technique sensitive. There is a pose that requires me to take two separate pictures and to photoshop them together to make an adorable images.

Safety is my top priority when is comes to newborn photography poses!

I will share my favorite newborn poses that I attempt during a newborn session. These poses are done on a posing table that is lined with multiple soft blankets. It’s also very important to understand that every baby is created in their own beautiful way and not all babies love some of the poses I attempt. I follow the baby’s cues two what they are comfortable doing. A lot of the time, the baby just needs a little extra time settling into some of the newborn poses. I do not give up easily, but if I see the baby is not loving a certain pose, I move on to the next pose.

newborn baby laying on her hands facing forward

Hands on Chin

Bum Up

newborn baby posed on her belly with her legs tucked under her.
newborn baby posed on her belly with her legs tucked under her.

Bum Up

Egg Wrap

newborn baby boy wrapped with a knit blanket
newborn baby girl posed on her side with a blanket on top of her

Side Laying


newborn baby girl posed sitting on a blanket holding her head
newborn baby girl wrapped and posed on her back

Wrapped Huck Fin

Huck Finn

newborn baby boy sleeping on his back and legs tucked over him.
Newborn boy wrapped with a knit blanket on a wool blanket.

Potato Wrap

Tucked In

Newborn boy tucked in a blanket.

The one thing you will see in all of the newborn photography poses is that the baby’s face is the main focal point! Yes, I will also get a few detail shots of their cute little fingers and toes because they are just so adorable!!!

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  1. We absolutely loved our newborn session with you and getting to see our tiny little man in all of these cute poses!

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