Amelia island photographer

Amelia Island Family Photographer

Capturing memories of families while on vacation

Amelia Island Family Photographer

Are you planning a vacation to Amelia Island and thinging about the best way to preserve that memory? Hire a professional family photographer!! Yes, you have an amazing phone that takes stunning photographs, but are you in that photograph or are you the one always taking the photo?

As a mom, I personally have a whole camera roll of thousands of photographs on my phone of my kids and husband eating that triple scoop of ice cream or the cute capture of the kids that never get along actually building a sand castle together. At the end of the day you will have a whole pile of cute memories, but will you blow them up and hang that photo above your mantle or create a wall gallery of phone photos?

By hiring a professional photographer to photograph your family while on vacation, I will capture your family in a timless and memorable way. I will help coordinate the outfits to elevate the way your photographs look, I tell you where to stand and what to do with your hands and after the session I can even assist you with getting heirloom print products to display in your home.

Some families love to book Amelia Island photographers while on vaction because they do not have local beaches and want something a little different than what their local landscape offers. Amelia Island is home to beautiful sandy beaches lined with large sand dunes willed with sea oats. I like to start the photoshoot closer to the sand dune because it can block a little bit of the wind and it keeps little toes from running into the water. I like to end the session closer to the water for some fun lifestyle poses walking along the water line or even splashing in the waves!

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